Midwives4mothers (m4m) stands for good and respectful health care for all mothers, wherever they live. We believe that strong midwives make that difference.

With our twinning projects we forge a years long relationship with midwives in different countries, to learn form each other and to support each other. And to be of more value to ‘our’ expectant mothers.
At this time we are active in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Iceland and The Netherlands.
Read here how we do it and how our projects help bring about better care for mothers and babies.

Sierra Leone – Ghana


The midwives of Sierra Leone were our first ‘twin sisters’. From 2008 to 2012 they built an intensive relationship with their Dutch colleagues.

Now they are doing the same thing with midwives from Ghana!

The Netherlands - Iceland


You might be wondering why we have a project with midwives from a wealthy country. Still, we deliberately chose to work with midwives from Iceland.

Do you want to know why?

About m4m

Our charity works towards better and more respectful care for pregnant women and mothers worldwide.

Our projects are all about midwives helping each other to become midwifery leaders. On the basis of respect and reciprocity. And to thereby make all the difference for mothers and babies.

At the moment we are in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Iceland and The Netherlands.

Are you in?

Are you passionate about mothers and babies?

Do you want to contribute to a better world?

We would love to have your support!

Thank you to our partners



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